Yanet Zamora

Growing up, my family traveled extensively all over the United States and we occasionally vacationed in Mexico. Both my parents were born in Michoacan, Mexico–my father was partially raised in the states. My adventures, love of freedom and travels greatly influence my work. The vibrant colors often portrayed in Mexico’s art, fashion, and decor reminds me of my heritage and my family- keeping me humble and grounded.

Seeking an opportunity to emerge as a model or performer, at fourteen-years-old, I auditioned for Barbizon School of Acting and Modeling in Green Bay, Wisconsin. The audition went well and I was chosen amongst 50 students to study acting, modeling, and runway from Ms. Bobby, a former Elite Model from the 80’s. After high school, I decided to travel and find myself. Starting a blog, randomly posting ‘rants’ as I liked to call them on traveling and living on my own, gave me an opportunity to do that. Eventually, Yanet’s Randoms became a poetry blog where my deep love of imagery and emotional depth in writing was depicted.

In 2013, I moved to San Francisco, California– the art scene surrounding me inspired me to buy a small 9″×6″ sketchbook– I took up drawing again. Never satisfied, I introduced color into my work with colored pencils, acrylics, and watercolors; I madly fell in love with watercolors, the watery color saturation’s ability to dilute my paintings with brushstrokes and water quenched my artistic visions of self-expression. Setting out to conquer photography was my next big project, and in 2014 I added a 1952 Nikon F2 to my small antique collection. Soon enough I used my brother’s digital Sony Alpha 6000 point-and-shoot camera, eventually getting my own camera and equipment. I began editing most of my pictures on the Snapseed mobile app and Adobe Photoshop and shifting gears to digital art. Plenty of my subjects look painted instead of photographed that is my main style of photography– surprisingly realistic– photography can inspire my drawings and paintings vice-versa.

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Yanet Zamora

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