Danny Lemke

Phone: (920) 217-8455

Email: danslemke@gmail.com  

Website: http://www.dannylemke.com

Artist Bio:  

I have a love/ hate relationship with artist bios. I love when someone asks me to do one because, as most artists, I'm really freakin' good at talking about myself.

As you can see I like to paint, make a mess, and design a little on the side. I graduated with honors and fine art awards from St. Norbert College in De Pere, WI a while ago and haven't left the city. I don't think my car can go that far. I also have a bad sense of humor and teach at a local paint and sip and love it. See you there.

I try to make my work speak for itself. I try to use a lot of color as a way of expression. All of my design work is meant to be simple, I want to send a message as quickly and as easily as I can for the viewer.

Here's a little word of advice after my years of freelancing: "Keep it analog until you have to pay rent."

Sample Works: (Scroll over to enlarge)

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